Happy Street

Happy Street Ventures is a seed-level venture fund interested in consumer-facing products, services, and solutions

Based in Los Angeles, Happy Street Ventures invests in founders who are as fresh and ambitious as their ideas. From our unique vantage point at the intersection of entertainment and innovation, we offer founders the space to stay inspired and the keys to strategic amplification when needed. You know how to run your business; we’re here to get it in front of the right audience at the right moment.
Happy Street Ventures is driven by a passion to curate talent and foster growth. Through their experience, Happy Street’s partners have an innate understanding of how people consume and relate to media and information. In a world of influencers, we want to match you to the people, brands, and labels that are truly influential.
As a female-founded and led fund, Happy Street Ventures is committed to alternative perspectives in familiar spaces. We believe in the value of a positive working environment and live the credo that it’s not only how good we are but how good we are to work with that matters.
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